How do I use HttpService?

I want to know how to do httpservice

I do not know how to use it

I have tried anf

I am trying to learn HttpService for certain things but I cannot make my own web host things becuse I do not know if I can trust them and I do not know how to use HttpService. (please tell me if this iss wrong topic and just flag this and tell me the right topic)

--I do not know
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I am sorry if this is the wrong topic I didnt know which one to use

Hey! I have attached a link below on information regarding HTTP Service in roblox, including a code example! Be sure to read it!

HttpService - Roblox

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HttpService is mainly used for sending POST or GET requests to external databases or API’s, but it cannot listen to HTTP requests. I recommend checking out HttpService | Roblox Creator Documentation as a starting resource to help you out.


But how would I make my own website type things? To pass on data

You’ll have to learn how to use Javascript, php, etc.

Not really, external API requests do not require knowledge of other languages rather than just knowledge of the endpoint you’re sending the request to and how to proccess JSON data.

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Oh well I am learning javascript but it is not too good since it is a website with their own functions like .mouseXpos instead of getting the mouse :frowning:

Oh, I thought they were referring to having their website return something.


I read all of the info on httpservice it didnt really help and how would I get the api version of any website that allows me to

I’d advise for you to read the HttpService material to understand the concepts of the service, and utilise as your web hosting tool for listening. There are many tutorials on it, especially specialised for Roblox (such as creating ranking bots), that should give you a head start. You don’t need to start learning JavaScript for months to achieve this, just understanding the code conducted in those resources.

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But when I read the HttpService info on DevHub I do not understand any of it.

And the tutorials on youtube only have like 3 episodes and they do not help

What specifically don’t you understand on it?

All of it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: so:

I highly disagree. Glitch is unreliable and really laggy. is much more reliable and allows for constant listening using UptimeRobot, while glitch requires you to pay for it.

That’d take a little long to oversimplify it - is there a reason you need it?

I am trying to learn it for certain things that I need such as datastores to getting properties,etc. I just really want to learn this just incase

does replit force you to pay? or take info?

Before moving into that, learn how to use HTTPservice. I don’t want to confuse you.