How do I use low resolution images

I am making building system with blocks, but when I try to use a 16x16 image to put on one of the blocks it turns out to look really blurry instead of looking like there are pixels, so I want to know if there is a way to make it not look blurry.

Simply just increase the image resolution, Roblox tries to enlarge the image by stretching, which causes the “blurriness” you are seeing.

It is susposed to look like this

But when I scale the resolution to 320x320 it looks like this

That’s the problem with stretching, you cannot prevent that, you’ll have to redraw that image, or, alternatively, enlarge the image and screenshot it(so it would look high quality but doesn’t have the stretching effect).


It looks like you used pixels so you can’t really do anything I guess you just have to redraw the entire thing to the scale you want it to be at

I took a screenshot of it and crop the background out and now it it 360x360 pixels, so it worked.

I had the same problem, try using a diffrent program to make it bigger
(I used, I can send you proof that it works (Mostly))