How do I use these UI things (UIGradient, UICorner etc)

Two things actually. First of all, these UI options available in the explorer ‘insert item tabs’ such as UIGradient, UICorner, UITextConstraint, doesn’t seem to actually work. And yes I made sure that it was parented to a Gui (Frame, TextButton etc). What can I do?
(Note: the only thing that’s works is UICorner).

Second of all, how do I add borders to guis that have a UICorner parented to them, I’ve tried using UIStroke, but it isn’t quite working.

Hello, There I see you need help! alright so let’s get started

1st \ UICorner
Makes a button, image button etc. Roundify

  • 2nd \ UIGradient
    Script for UI Gradient

Animating The UIGradient

Animating UIGradient

Using TweenService , it is possible to animate the properties of a UIGradient. In this example, a TextLabel contains a UIGradient with the Transparency property set. Its Offset property is tweened from -1 to 1.

Check The DevHub to learn more about animating UIGradient

  1. local TweenService = game:GetService(“TweenService”)
  2. local uiGradent = script.Parent
  • –, EasingStyle, EasingDirection, repeatCount, reverses, delayTime)
  1. local tweenInfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, Enum.EasingDirection.In, -1, false, 0)
  • – The properties to tween (Offset from -1 to 1)
  1. uiGradent.Offset =, 0)
  2. local goals = {
  3. Offset =, 0);
  4. }
  • – Create and play the tween
  1. – Since TweenInfo.repeatCount is negative, it will loop indefinitely
  2. local tween = TweenService:Create(uiGradent, tweenInfo, goals)
  3. tween:Play()


UI Gradient is basically like Color Overlay
UIGradient is a UIComponent that applies a color and transparency gradient to the UI elements rendered by the parent GuiObject . The appearance of the gradient

- 3rd UITextSizeConstraint
To learn more about UITextSizeConstraint check out the DevHub

Hopefully this helps!
If you need help please DM me in The Devhub


Nice, so you need to use a script to activate a UIGradient huh? Right then so how about the rest of them like the UIGrid, UITable ETC.

local TS = game:GetService("TweenService")
Local UIGradient = script.Parent

TweenInformation =*Time*, Enum.EasingStyle.*Style*, Enum.EasingDirection.*Direction*, *RepetitionCount*, *Reverse*, *Delay*)
UIGradient.Offset =,0)
local Goal = {Offset =,0);}

local Animation = TS:Create(UIGradient,TweenInformation, Goal)

Easy, so what do I do with the rest of the UI ‘alterers’

UI grid/list layout is used for scrolling frames. It basically just automatically sets the position of GUI components in the scrolling frame based on the parameters you set in the UI grid/list layout.

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No, You dont need a script for UIGradient, the script I sent you Lets you Animate The UIGradient

Check the devhub to learn about it.

Yes, but can you help explain, all of them, I’ll show a screenshot if anything.

Note: I got the UICorner and UIGradient down, but what about the rest of them

Use the DevHub, they give you information of every UI Base


Yeah I guess this works a lot better then, so thanks.

You welcome, I’m glad that worked!