How do I use this game invite prompt?

So I was watching this YouTube video

and I noticed that it has a game invite thing, and it says it uses social service, I checked the documentation and it says it will send player a chat message if using the Invitplayerasync, but in this video the prompt says player, has invited you to join their party in , it also isn’t a chat message and it appears on screen.

ive tried looking for this but can’t seem to find it,
any help is appreciated
timestamp for video: 0:39

They most likely used MessagingService to communicate across servers.

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actually im asking about prompting the player to join with the invite friends button

This method allows you to send a notification prompt to join a server to a specific player from your friend list.

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Thanks! How would I get it to prompt “join


Inside of


Instead of just prompting the join?

I’m not sure, but like Zerin107 said earlier, you can use MessagingService to communicate across servers. As I understood correctly, you can transfer any data, because in PublishAsync the type of transferred data is Variant, which provides this possibility, so you can try passing the table to another server with two key ← → value pairs: sender and receiver, and on the other server subscribe to this topic. When you get the data, you can just draw a gui for the second player or do other actions.

P.S.: I don’t really understand how this would work.

You can use SocialService to send game invites. I would recommend using CanSendGameInviteAsync to determine whether the player can send game invites. Then you can use PromptGameInvite to prompt a game invite.

Use ExperienceInviteOptions object to customize the notification message.
Keep in mind you have to create a new notification asset in the creator dashboard for it to work.

Here’s a tutorial on how exactly you can do it: