How do i use Viewport Frame?

Ok, this is something simple i guess, but for me this is impossible, how do i use viewport frame? I know you can set parts to a frame, but how?

I thought you must set the part into the frame and attach something of the frame to the part, but that didn’t work.

I hope you respond me! :+1:

Viewport frames have a CurrentCamera property which should point to a camera. And any parts need to be inside the viewport so they can be rendered in a viewport frame.

Also remember to keep your topics on topic! this isn’t necessarily a scripting question

Yeah, i didn’t know where i would put this thread, what category i should set for this thread?

I would say design support would be more appropriate

Well, now i don’t know how to set a camera. And add scripts, for example, i want to add a furniture in the viewport frame and rotate it.

Hiya, I suggest taking a look at this article on the Developer Hub.