How do I view a profile using ProfileService?

I am trying to view someone’s data from a older date. But it throws me an error from profileService
Here is the documentation code I tried using: API - ProfileService

-- Get a ProfileStore object with the same arguments you passed to the
--  ProfileStore that loads player Profiles. It can also just be
--  the very same ProfileStore object:
local profileService = require(game:WaitForChild("ServerStorage"):WaitForChild("Modules"):WaitForChild("ProfileService"))
local DataName = "roblox#007"

local ExampleProfile = {
	EarnedMoney = 0;
	Money = 0;
	Rebirth = 0;
	TimePlayed = 0;
	Builds = {};
	CashCollect = 0;
	GroupReward = false;
	UsedCodes = {

	Settings = {
		Music = true;
		--Volume = 1;
		SFX = true;
		Animations = true;
		Beams = true;
local ProfileStore = profileService.GetProfileStore(DataName, ExampleProfile)

-- If you can't figure out the exact time and timezone the player lost rubies
--  in on the day of August 14th, then your best bet is to try querying
--  UTC August 13th. If the first entry still doesn't have the rubies - 
--  try a new query of UTC August 12th and etc.

local max_date = DateTime.fromUniversalTime(2022, 04, 13) -- UTC August 13th, 2021
local query = ProfileStore:ProfileVersionQuery(
	"Player_123123", -- The same profile key that gets passed to :LoadProfileAsync()
-- Get the first result in the query:
local profile = query:NextAsync()

if profile ~= nil then


	profile:OverwriteAsync() -- This method does the actual rolling back;
	-- Don't call this method until you're sure about setting the latest
	-- version to a copy of the previous one

	print("Rollback success!")

	print(profile.Data) -- You'll be able to surf table contents if
	-- you're runing this code in studio with access to API services
	-- enabled and have expressive output enabled; If the printed
	-- data doesn't have the rubies, you'll want to change your
	-- query parameters.

	print("No version to rollback to")