How Do I weld 3D clothes to my character? I'm confused!

So I’m trying to weld 3D clothing or armor with different parts to my character. I used a weldConstraint manually and welded the armor parts to a invisable part the represents each bodypart. Next I tried to script it and weld the invisible limb part to the characters right arm, and I tried to add an attachment but it didn’t work. I have all the parts in replicated storage. What do i do?

local player = game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(player)
	local Character = player.CharacterAdded:Connect(function(character)
		local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
		local OutFitPack = ReplicatedStorage.Outfit:Clone()
		--Defining the Character's Limbs
		local Torso = character.Torso
		local RightArm = character["Right Arm"]
		local LeftArm = character["Left Arm"]
		local RightLeg = character["Right Leg"]
		local LeftLeg = character["Left Leg"]
		local LeftArmWeld = OutFitPack.LeftArmWeld:Clone()
		local RightArmWeld = OutFitPack.RightArmWeld:Clone()
		local RightLegWeld =OutFitPack.RightLegWeld:Clone()
		local LeftLegWeld = OutFitPack.LeftLegWeld:Clone()
		local accessoryWeldArmLeft ="Weld")
		accessoryWeldArmLeft.Name = "accessoryWeldArmLeft"
		accessoryWeldArmLeft.Part0 = LeftArmWeld
		accessoryWeldArmLeft.Part1 = LeftArm
		accessoryWeldArmLeft.Parent = LeftArm 


Your method works, but you forgot to change the .Parent of the cloned outfit.
And I also recommend creating a function to clone clothes to make it easier.

Something like :

local function NewWeld (Part0,Part1,Parent,WeldName,ExtraCFrame)
	local Weld ="ManualWeld")
	Weld.Part0 = Part0 
	Weld.Part1 = Part1
	Weld.C0 = ExtraCFrame
	Weld.Name = WeldName
	Weld.Parent = Parent
	return Weld

and call like :

local accessoryWeldArmLeft = NewWeld(LeftArmWeld,character["Left Arm"],LeftArmWeld,"accessoryWeldArmLeft",,0,0))

I still don’t really understand. Do you have discord so you can explain it to me better?

My Discord Is: Glorified#6434 you can add me and show me

I sent you the request , but it 's simple , the function will create the welds for you , the only thing you need to do is configure it when calling , in order : the item it will weld, where it will weld, its Parent , name , and the cframe if it needs to be changed or rotated.

Thanks but I figured it out. Also I would like to friend you and all so i can learn more about scripting. You wanna make a game or something?