How do I zero out velocity from an axis? How do I make a run animation tracking velocity?

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I want to have an actual functioning run animation for my custom character and remove bouncing

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I have removed the bouncing for pretty much everything by making it not a bouncy material but I would also have it so when the character lands the velocity turns to 0 making it not bounce

kinda like “if this object is being moved on these two axis’s but not the other one do this”
how the blox do people make their stuff so that when some guy’s character kicks midair there is no force other than the direction the action was initiated, I messaged a man how he prevented bouncing and he said “u can remove that by zeroing out the velocity on the y axis when u land”

How do I change velocity like that? My run animation doesnt play at all other animations work I can load the animation onto a character and it’s fine but I can’t use it in a run animation i dont know how to check the velocities so when theres no movement on the y axis but there are on the other two (meaning that its running) that I can start a run animation like this

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I have tried editing the Animate script to no avail, I tried using StateChanged but it’s not very reliable, the Animate script doesn’t let you do custom run animations anymore trust me ive tried several times you can only do the other animations except for movement for whatever reason, it USED to work but now it doesnt it broke one day a couple months ago when my character started tposiong i spoose i fix this problem NOW

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-- This is an example Lua code block

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It’s probably better to make your own animate script.
I don’t mean to advertise, but you might be able to adapt the animate script from this post I made: Post

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Something.Velocity *=, 0, 1) --Stop object's 'Y' axis velocity while preserving its 'X' and 'Z' axis velocities.

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