How do neural networks execute?

Hi! I’m coolguyweir, an expert builder and scripter (not in Lua though). Recently, I’ve been trying to learn about neural networks. However, I can’t figure out the way that neural networks execute, or basically the process of the neural networks runnings. Can someone explain to me the process which is it executed?

This user created a Roblox implementation and does a good job explaining how NN works.

Hi! Thanks for the response. I had another question about this. If I was to make a gta 5 citizen drive a car in roblox, would I use pathfinding instead of neural network? If I’m supposed to use neural network, how will that work? because neural networks takes tens and hundreds of thousands of tries, dont they?

Using neural networks just to simulate citizens will be uh, sub-optimal, even if the AI are perfect they will just give you the very same result from pathfinding service.

Just use pathfinding service or define their actions manually which should be relatively cheaper as they don’t need to use the shortest path from point a to point b.