How do people become community post approval?

How do people become community post-approval?

Could community post-approval become developer relations team members?

Would it higher their chances of working at Roblox?

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Here’s a link for more information about being Community Post Approval, it might need to take some patience and time for it: How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum

EDIT 1: The questions you ask is questionable and it’s pretty much how well you do on Roblox and development.


We ask nicely. :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, if a Regular or Top Contributor expresses an interest in becoming a member of the Post Approval team, they’re considered the next time we need some. This happens every now and again as we realize that the current members can’t keep up with the number of requests.

As for whether we can become Developer Relations staff members, that’s entirely separate from the forum. DevRel are Roblox staff members and thus you have to apply to those jobs like you would any other one. Community Post Approval team members aren’t staff and are simply volunteers.


I bet y’all are considering getting more community post approvals now.

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We’re mostly looking into streamlining the process over getting new team members at the moment. Figuring out what categories should require post approval and which shouldn’t, making it as fast as possible for us to do, stuff like that.

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