How to rank up on the Roblox Developer Forum

On the Roblox Developer Forum, we have several community ranks that users can obtain as they browse and participate on the forum. Your forum rank determines which categories you can see, where you can post new topics, and what you can reply to. The highest community ranks may also have some moderation capabilities to maintain posting quality.

This topic explains how Developer Forum ranks work, what each rank means, what permissions and responsibilities they have, and how you can move between ranks.


The image below displays each forum rank and how they relate to each other, as well as a brief summary of how you rank up from one to the other.

Users start out at the “Visitor” rank at the top when first logging in through Roblox. The brightness of the color on the arrows signifies how selective each specific promotion step is: a darker arrow means a more selective step.

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What are the community ranks?

This section explains what each forum rank means and what their permissions and responsibilities are.


You get this rank when you first log in on the Developer Forum through your Roblox account.

As a Visitor, you are able to see many categories of the forum, including public announcements, development support topics, all sorts of resources and tutorials, as well as bug reports and feature requests that have been submitted by forum members.

You are not yet able to post, but you can browse posts and topics, as well as giving Likes to posts that you agree with, or that you think are useful or insightful, or are otherwise great contributions. We also keep track of which posts you have visited and read, and you can bookmark topics and posts that you find interesting.

To rank up to Member, you just need to browse the forum regularly and engage with the content by reading through forum topics (so giving Likes is not part of the criteria). After enough browsing, you will be automatically ranked up to the Member rank. For more information, see:


After some regular browsing of the forum, you should be promoted from Visitor to Member automatically.

As a Member, you now get to view the majority of the forum, including some additional categories such as development discussion and posting your cool creations. You also get to post in most of these categories.

While you are able to post new topics in most categories that you can see, some posts will be redirected to the Community Post Approval team first and have to be approved before they show up to others on the forum. This is the case for bug reports, feature requests, development resources, and discussion topics.

To rank up to Regular, you need to keep actively browsing the forum, and also be actively participating in terms of posting. Above all else, make sure you use and post to the forum appropriately according to our community rules and guidelines. You will be automatically promoted to Regular once you meet the criteria and have a clean forum moderation history. For more information see:


If you are actively participating and posting appropriately according to the forum rules and guidelines, you will eventually be promoted from Member to Regular.

As a Regular, you are a full member of the forum, so you can now see all forum categories and can create posts and replies in all of them (apart from the categories that only staff can create topics in). You now have the ability to use some extra categories, like the lounge, in addition to what you could already see and use.

You can now also create discussion topics, platform feedback and development resources topics yourself, without needing to pass through Community Post Approval first, because we now trust you with the permissions to make appropriate topics in these categories yourself.

For a lot of people, Regular will be seen as the final destination. This is when you have full access to the forum and is where most people will stay once they reach this rank. However, there are still a few ranks above Regular for distinguished and dedicated community members.

You can rank up to Top Contributor by being active and making frequent, positive contributions to discussions. This rank is meant for the best contributors in our community, to acknowledge and reward their dedication to high-quality discussion. For more information see:

Additionally, it is possible to be invited to rank up directly to Community Post Approval. The criteria for this are (roughly) that you show exceptional knowledge of forum rules and guidelines, have consistently high quality posts over the time span that you have been a Regular, have successfully filed multiple proper bug reports and feature requests, and you show an active interest in assisting your peers during the post approval procedure. Invites to join Community Post Approval are determined by the Community Post Approval team, the Community Sages, and the Roblox Developer Engagement Team.

Top Contributor

When you are one of the most active posters and your posts are consistently of high quality and contribute highly to the discussion, you should eventually be promoted to the Top Contributor rank.

The Top Contributor rank is mostly a forum title and avatar flair to highlight some of the best contributors to our community. These people are active posters that frequently and consistently contribute to high-quality discussion. The criteria are, generally, that you need to have high likes received to post ratios, high topics read/entered counts, a good forum standing in terms of moderation, and you must have been active on the Developer Forum recently.

Top Contributors do not have any additional permissions or responsibilities compared to Regular.

As a Top Contributor, you can be invited to rank up to Community Post Approval. The criteria for this are (roughly) that you show exceptional knowledge of forum rules and guidelines, have filed multiple proper bug reports and feature requests, and you show an active interest in assisting your peers during the post approval procedure. Invites to join Community Post Approval are determined by the Community Post Approval team, the Community Sages, and the Roblox Developer Engagement Team.

It is possible to be demoted back to Regular from Top Contributor. Since the rank is intended to highlight the best actively contributing community members, you can lose the rank by being inactive for extended periods of time, although the threshold for activity is very lenient there.

Community Post Approval

The Community Post Approval team consists of veteran forum users that have a very high understanding of the developer community and the rules and guidelines of this forum. In addition, they are some of the most active and best contributors in the broader developer community and/or on the forum. They have an exemplary attitude both on the forum and also on other platforms within the Roblox community.

Community Post Approval team members have no additional forum permissions over Regulars, apart from access to and managing of the post approval procedure. This procedure is used by Members to file feature requests, bug reports, and other kinds of topics they cannot normally make themselves yet due to their lacking forum permissions. The goal of the post approval procedure is to make sure that these topics are high quality and conform to our community rules and guidelines, as well as the posting format for those categories. The secondary goal of post approval is to teach Members how to improve their posting style and writing skills, so that they may more easily reach the Regular rank.

Members of the Community Post Approval team can also recategorize and rename topics on the forum, to fix any miscategorization issues or unclear topic titles.

For more information on the post approval procedure, refer to:

Additionally, the Community Post Approval team works closely together with Community Sages and the Roblox Developer Engagement Team. They frequently give feedback on upcoming announcements and other resources related to the forum, and they can comment on ideas for significant forum changes before they are released.

Community Post Approval team members can qualify for the Community Sage rank by being active in handling the post approval procedure, by showing an active interest in improving the Developer Forum and finding ways how to tackle the issues as we scale our community further, by being exemplary community members with long track records of contribution and activity on- and off-forum, by showing a high understanding of how the forum works and its community, by being highly trustworthy, by having a good connection and relationship with the community, and showing good moderation traits. Note that you must be invited to join the Community Sage rank. Whether or not an invite is sent out to a person is determined by the Community Sages and Roblox’s Developer Engagement Team together.

It is possible to be demoted back to Top Contributor or Regular from Community Post Approval. Most of the time, this will happen upon the member’s request. It can also happen if the person either does not seem to be a good fit for the team, or if they are not active enough in maintaining the post approval procedure. These criteria are determined by the team and the Community Sages.

Community Sage

Community Sages are expert and exemplary forum users with long track records of contribution and activity, both on- and off-forum, in the Roblox community. This rank is given to users that have shown to have a high understanding of how the forum works and about its community, are highly trustworthy, and show good moderation traits.

Community Sages have the ability to moderate posts (locking and hiding topics, editing titles and contents of posts, moving posts to a different category, merging replies to other topics, and pinning/unpinning posts), because they have shown due to sheer contribution and continued activity that they are dedicated to this community and can be trusted with such permissions. They may use these abilities to maintain posting quality and defend against abnormal / inappropriate forum activity as they deem appropriate.

They may also use their permissions to moderate according to our forum rules and guidelines, but they do not have to actively moderate posts, since that task falls upon the Roblox Developer Engagement Team. Community Sages also cannot see nor handle community flags on posts, only the Developer Engagement Team sees and handles those.

Community Sages manage the post approval procedure that Members can use to file their topics in categories they normally do not have posting access to. They work together with the Community Post Approval team members to process these requests from Members at scale.

In addition to heading the post approval procedure, Community Sages also have day-to-day communications with the Developer Engagement team to improve the Developer Forum for all users and to help scale the forum as our developer community grows. Community Sages have weekly meetings with the Developer Engagement Team to tackle forum issues and to discuss improvements.

Community Sages can be demoted upon their own request to the Community Post Approval, Top Contributor, or Regular rank.


How do I see my own or someone else’s rank?

You can find someone’s rank by looking at the combination of their trust level and their avatar flairs and titles, if they have any. This section explains how you can derive forum rank from that information.

Trust Level

You can find your own trust level on your profile as “Trust Level” (click “Expand” first to reveal):

Similarly, you can see the trust level of others by going onto their profile.

Your trust level determines what topics you can view and where you are allowed to make posts. For example, Members can see more categories than Visitors, and Regulars can post in more areas of the forum themselves compared to Members.

These trust levels exist:

  • Visitor: Corresponds to the “Visitor” rank.
  • Member: Corresponds to the “Member” rank.
  • Regular: Corresponds to the “Regular” rank.
  • Post Approval: Members of the Community Post Approval team.
  • Leader: People with moderation capabilities (locking, unlisting, editing, and moving posts). Community Sages have this trust level and also all Roblox staff members with administrative / moderating permissions.

Avatar Flairs and Titles

Some forum ranks and other special groups have an avatar flair or a title attached. An example is given below of someone that has a flair on their avatar image (the flair of the Community Sage rank) and the “Community Sage” title next to their name.


The following explains what each avatar flair and title means and how it relates to forum authority. In general, the darker the color of an avatar flair, the more authority the corresponding poster has on the forum.

Community Rank Flairs

The following avatar flairs are given to their corresponding forum rank. See the descriptions given earlier in this guide for more information on these ranks. Everyone that has the rank will get this avatar flair and the corresponding title next to their name.

Top Contributor
Community Post Approval
Community Sage

Roblox Rank Flairs

The remaining group of avatar flairs and titles is those belonging to Roblox interns and staff. Refer below for a list of these.

Roblox Intern
Roblox Staff

Other Titles and Flairs

There are some public titles such as “Programmer”, “Builder”, “Composer”, etc. that can be obtained by any user by joining the respective public group themselves. These groups do not relate to forum rank or authority.

The same is true for some special programs hosted by Developer Relations, such as the “Community Champion” title and flair, as well as the “Featured Developer” and “New Avatar Featured Developer” titles. These are just given out as a perk for taking part in these programs and do not relate to forum rank or authority, and do not give extra permissions or forum responsibilities over other forum members without those titles.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finally, this post presents some frequently asked questions about forum ranks, titles, flairs and posting permissions. If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to reach out to @Community_Sage in a private message.

What are the differences in posting permissions between ranks?

Visitors can only view some public-facing categories. Members can view all of these and a couple more, and can also post replies and topics in some places. The ranks of Regular and higher have full viewing and posting access to the forum. You can review the “About” post in each category to see who has which permissions exactly for that category.

How do I know who can see/post in a certain category?

You can review the “About” post in each specific category to see which forum ranks can see, reply to, and create new topics in that category.

Can I post bug reports, feature requests and resources as a Member?

Yes, you can post in virtually every category you can see as a Member. However, keep in mind that in some categories, new topics have to be approved by the Community Post Approval team first before they show up to others and to Roblox staff.

For more information on the post approval procedure, refer to:

Why do I need to go through post approval as a Member?

Due to the low entry requirements of the Member rank, we need to put some restrictions on posting capabilities for these users, since they are inexperienced forum users still and may frequently post in the wrong categories or may not put enough detail into their posts.

The post approval procedure is a helpful tool for you as a Member to make sure that we catch mistakes early, and that your bug reports, feature requests and other kinds of topics are as good as they can be.

Can I lose my forum rank?

You can be removed from the forum if you break our community rules and guidelines, or otherwise at the discretion of the Developer Relations team. If you keep in line with our rules and guidelines, you will not lose the Member or Regular ranks once you have attained them.

For more information on the so-called “three strike system” of forum moderation, see:

It is possible to be demoted for lack of forum activity when you currently have the Top Contributor, or Community Post Approval rank. This does not apply to Visitor, Member, Regular or Community Sage.

Does a higher forum rank relate to being a better developer?

No, a higher forum rank does not necessarily mean that person is a better developer. It just means that the person can behave themselves in our community, that they are active, and that we trust them with more viewing and posting permissions.

The Regular rank should not be seen as a proof of skill or trustworthiness for anything except the ability to successfully participate in this forum community.

Will we ever get a badge or title on the main website to show off our forum rank?

No, all forum ranks are exclusive to this forum. It is not planned (and will likely never be planned) to have any sort of official recognition of forum rank on the main website; not in the form of hats, nor profile badges, etc. Please do not treat your developer forum membership as any sort of endorsement from Roblox about your development skills, and please do not view the forum community as an elite club, as it is not.

What ranks can assist me if I have a question or moderation issue?

Please contact @DevEngagementTeam if it is a moderation-related issue, @Post_Approval if it is a question about the post approval procedure or if you have a question about posting in a certain forum category, and @Community_Sage otherwise.

I’m trying to be a developer, not a forum poster. How would I get Regular?

The criteria for Regular rank are not that high. They can be achieved without spending a lot of time on the forum. Just make sure to follow our community guidelines and to make appropriate posts consistently.

A common misconception is that you would have to help out other developers in the Development Support category to even stand a chance of being ranked up to Regular. This is not the case. We don’t expect you to use our community in just one particular way; you can follow your own path to Regular. All that the criteria account for is forum participation and being reasonably active. You can get to Regular by just posting in the discussion / platform feedback / announcement categories without ever touching Help and Feedback, and you can also get ranked up by being super active in just Help and Feedback but not in any of the other categories. Use the forum in a way that makes sense to you.

Please also note that you are able to post in most categories directly as a Member, you just need to pass through the post approval team first. Being a Member should therefore not harm your ability to do anything on the forum. The only benefit of Regular is that you can post without going through the post approval team to make any new topics.

The process is too slow, I need to post a bug report or feature request now!

Please note that you are able to post in most categories directly as a Member, you just need to pass through the post approval team first. Being a Member should therefore not harm your ability to do anything on the forum. The only benefit of Regular is that you can post without going through the post approval team to make any new topics.

I see people with a “Programmer” or “Builder” rank, how do I get those?

These are not actually tied to any sort of rank. They are just titles that you can use to show what you do on the platform, and anyone can get them regardless of forum rank.

You can join one of the groups here, and then the corresponding title will show next to your name:

I have an idea or an issue related to the forum that I want to share!

You can post them in the #platform-feedback:forum-feedback category. Community Sages regularly check this category for new feature requests and issues, and will bring them up in internal discussions. All of your issues and feature requests are heard!

If you’d rather privately send in your feature request or issue, feel free to reach out by sending a message to the @Community_Sage group.

For feature requests and bug reports about the Roblox platform, please use the #platform-feedback category.

For forum moderation, please discuss this privately with the @DevEngagementTeam team.