How do people code stuff with meshes that are not theirs?

So I am making a game with hairs, and was curious how Roblox works with code that involves making a new part with a mesh, I have seen people use hair meshes that are not there’s, but you cannot insert a mesh into a mesh id and make it work, so how do people do this???

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If you are looking for the meshes used in catalog hair, there are plugins that let you insert catalog items and you may find the mesh and texture id from the inserted asset.

Getting a Mesh ID or the Mesh itself has a lot of different processes. Some people obtain these by illegal means and some use illegally obtained meshes and some are just really clever at searching. The roblox website is known to have a vulnerability where exploiters can easily download the mesh files on the website, offsale or not (not sure if this has been patched).

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Please clarify your question and issue.

I’m talking like, guy posts mesh, nobody owns mesh, someone obtains it illegally, and instead of cloning the mesh into a part, they use a script with the mesh ID in it. How do they do this?

After looking for a user who’s inventory isn’t hidden

You simply cannot use another user’s mesh if it’s offsale and you do not own it. Who ever found a way to bypass this must be clever or has illegally obtained the mesh file through exploits. Illegally obtained assets must be reported immediately along with the account that owns it.

You have to either use meshes in the toolbox, make your own, or use the ones in the catalog.

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one thing, its not illegal. Because if it’s not on sale, you cannot use it. If you want to import a mesh, you would create a mesh will an instance and put the id in.

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You can do a little game:GetObjects(). Not like it’s legal or anything, but it works.


Hm, alright I will just use cloned meshes instead, thank you guys for helping me! (By the way, the hairs I am planning on using are from models as I do not know how to make stuff like that, and were not “illegally” obtained)

You can use anybodys mesh if you get the ID of the asset…