How do people get funding for their games in the beginning?

I’m trying to put together a team to create a game and there are a few roles that won’t be permanent roles such as clothing design and music artists. However, I do not know how one accumulates funding to actually commission such jobs as we need those skills to develop the game as a whole. We can’t make the game and then pay from the income it makes. So, is there a way to possibly interest investors of the sort to invest in our game or does one have to pay from one’s own wallet to fund such jobs?


For me I just sold my collection of limiteds and made about 15k robux. I also invested $50 of my own money in my game. I have heard that there are people who will invest in roblox games I think the devking is one of them. But be careful because roblox investing is iffy. What I would do is get some friends to chip in and give them a cut of your games profit. Or you can also make limited gamepasses and special group roles that people can pay for.


Investments should be highly avoided. Once you’ve landed an investment (if you can find one), then you’re held up to the standard you promised and they expect a return on their investment. It puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of the developer and aren’t always trustworthy transactions. I’d say one of the best ways for gaining robux to start a project is to first do commissions. Take your Roblox dev skill and sell your services. It will take time to gain the robux you’ll need in order to fund your project, but it’s a fairly stable and well-known method.


The way I gathered funding for my first “big” game was simply to release a smaller game before. I developed a game entirely by myself with no funding, monetized it really well, and then it just took time for it to start paying off, which it eventually did.

Another popular way to gain funding is through commissions. Trying to pick up a few small commissions is a good way to get game-funding quickly.


You could do commissions/jobs and fund a game using the money you earn from those.


I haven’t actually done investing myself so please take this with a grain of salt but then I actually think that it really depends on who the investor is. Some investors think that investing is a multiply your money thing but it’s actually a risk that the investor takes. If the game doesn’t return your money, then what can the investor do? I think the stigma against investing comes from all the horrific investment stories I’ve heard on the forums and misinformation but if you could find a good investor that understands what investing is, then it might be worth a shot to take the offer.

Of course, you can’t trust anyone on the internet so maybe collateral can lessen the risk of the developer or the investor running away. But I do agree the investing isn’t the best way to earn capital in making a game. But for people like me who are in a rush due to the current pandemic, it might be the only choice.