How do people get high res textures when importing from blender?

So, I was recently importing a mesh + texture as an fbx into roblox studio from blender, and I realised that the texture resolution was horrible, since I was using text, it became essentially unreadable. I’m pretty sure ive seen textures that have looked better. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


I know roblox condenses textures to 1k so if the texture is larger than that there would be a noticeable loss of quality when it gets imported. I also had that problem, but I was told to import the textures in parts so that there is not too much to compress.


Alr ty! it worked when i separated the textures into parts.

Np if you dont mind me asking, did you apply the separated texture using multiple surface appearances?

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Nope, I just imported the different mesh pieces and grouped them in rblx.

Yeah I figured as much since multiple UVs arent possible on one mesh

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