How do people make nice effects?

So I’m trying to a decent particle emitter for a sword, but I don’t know how to make it look very nice.
Mine is so blocky for some reason and I don’t know if its a particle emitter that people use when making nice tools with effects. So I don’t know what I should use for doing this. Here is an example:

Now here is mine:

As you can see mine is very blocky and I thought really know what causes it so some advice would be pretty nice thx!


Those are a mixture of trails, beams and particle emitters

You are only using particle emitters.
You can play around with their properties such as spread angle to get the desired effect.
You can take a look at Particle-a-Day Effects by @gkku for inspiration and ideas.
These might be helpful too: [Release] Electric Arcs effect
You can play around with different textures for trails and beams to get the cool thunder (idk) effect that the player has in that video.