How do ROBLOX secure bloxy award game?

Hello everyone,

This question you see in the title can be a bit werid, but i’ve searched on youtube and I didn’t seen a single bloxy awards game uncopylocked, how is it possible? it might wouldn’t be important to uncopylock a bloxy awards game but theese games includes some important things like VideoFrames etc.

They dont uncopylock the games?

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Bloxy awards includes some important things like early VideoFrames and this isn’t only for bloxy. Like lil nas X event? it includes important things

if your question is why dont they uncopylock it for access to those features then its easy. They are not ready for public use yet or even beta. These features such as video frames with custom videos are not ready for non-roblox staff to use. Also video frames have been in beta for a while…

Well, Exploiters “uncopylock” (steal) games.

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They must have some sort of anti-exploit preventing you from doing it. Not sure why it hasn’t been released to the public but they know what they’re doing.

The game most likely doesn’t have anything to prevent against exploiters from downloading it. It probably utilizes local streaming which makes objects appear when they’re suppose to on your screen, but goes away when it’s not suppose to be there (Meaning exploiters will have to be there for at least an hour to get everything). Similar to how games like Batman Arkham Asylum handles loading areas.

You could easily spawn a working one in by running"VideoFrame", workspace) in the command bar.

Eventually, there might be an uncopylocked bloxy award game, just not right now.

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