How do these type of buttons work?

hello, so I’m wondering how developers get the buttons to work like that?

how do you make it so it goes around in a circle?


These are custom buttons. I don’t know the best way to explain it but you can look at the actual post on it.

These are custom Proximity Prompts, there’s some free ones you can use or you can make your own.
Here’s the source: ProximityPrompt | Roblox Creator Documentation
Here’s a free one: Prompts+ | Easily customize ProximityPrompts - #40 by SentinelvCup

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ohhh okay, I was thinking it was but it confused me cause I know the Proximity Prompt has a black transparency background to it and looks different, but thanks I never knew you can make a custom one

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Thanks for the information about it, imma look into it now