How do UGC creators get a static faces/textures on Dynamic Head rig? It's a flat image/decal instead of a texture map and want to replicate it

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Placing a flat/static image on a Dynamic Head while passing verification check.

  2. What is the issue? Traditionally, you could place a decal on a Classic Head for the face, which is valid for classic but not Dynamic Heads.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Placing decals on head, placing texture on head, looking on DevForum for those with similar problems but nothing.

So I’m trying to achieve this:

When you inspect their model, they have a decal for a texture which isn’t normally allowed for a Dynamic head:

Okay let me try to apply a decal to a Dynamic Head then. It should just be like the Classic Head?

It doesn’t show currently but it does when uploading so it’s fine – except it’s an unexpected descendant and not allowed to be uploaded with the head:

Alright, these models had the decals in their texture IDs, I could try that instead?

Okay not only does it not show in the preview but it completely shows dark like a void. What gives?

Does anyone know what they’re doing to place a flat decal without it being an unexpected descendant? Or turning into gibberish?

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have you tried uploading the mesh and image separately?

upload the mesh then add a decal to the mesh and then add the image to the decal


I tried that in the first example I’ve shown in studio, unfortunately it gets flagged as unnecessary and can’t be uploaded.

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what does the UV map for the head look like? the texture should appear just fine if the UV map is aligned to it properly.



For some reason reference roblox head lost it’s UV Map when imported into blender so it exported without one. I created one for the front of the face/head and now the face appears! :]


hey, having this same issue, where/how did you get the fixed UV map? and how did you get the body to import, i keep getting cage errors

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i think you might have to go into blender yourself and fix it

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Like Hazel said, you have to apply your own UV map since it doesn’t import from Roblox’s head obj file. There’s many tutorials online. Remember to only unwrap the front face and not the sides and back or top/bottom of the cylinder so you only need to use a face decal rather than a full map.

As for cage, I used the SemiRealisticMale template from Roblox’s post. I don’t know if I can post links on here so I recommend googling it.

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i was using the one from the blog post, figured out the issue! needed to update blender, haha.


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