How do we make our game less repetitive?

We need to know how to make our game less repetitive, because it seems to be a big thing that’s holding us back.

We’ve tried adding things such as gamemodes but it seems that adding different ways to play doesn’t change the actual core game loop itself.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on what could make the game less repetitive!

Game: Maze Craze 🎮 [GAMEMODES!] - Roblox

Thanks for your time and your help!

~ NinjaFactory

Oaky, there’s one thing, that if done right, can make a Game be a masterpiece, but if done wrong, will be destroying your Gane, presenting:

Drum roll
Drum roll

Yes, it’s very long

Drum roll
Drum roll

The story, if you can make it right it will make your Game become very popular, take Mass Effect for example, it is a shooter, yes, but it isn’t repetitive, (at least, not like the one who destroyed the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda) it has the best story, every choice you do affects the final result, making people replay your Game more than one time, if you do it right, it’s gonna be a masterpiece

Thanks for your feedback! I was thinking of whether we should incorporate a story aspect, and now I think we should!

Yes, remember, if you really really really want to make a very good Game, almost always adding story is good, but you need to think of it very deeply, if you just come up with one in 2 hours it’s not gonna be good most of the time, it might also destroy a Game, if done wrong

Good luck!

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