How do yall like my showcase?

check out my e :b: i c gamer showcasee which is RTX ON! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
It’s my first time building so it may not be that good, but can yall give me some feedback on how i can improve? thx

thanks for reading

For those of you whose potatoes cannot handle the epic gamer rtx on:


Guys there is a bug where you cannot spawn I am fixing it right now.
sorry my game is too rtx on let me make the graphics less.

I can’t join rn, but from the pictures, it looks okay. It’s just that the furniture is really plain and boring (the table a bit blocky; the chairs are unfinished?) and don’t really mix well with the realism of your building. I suggest adding more decor and plants. The use of textures is nice.

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Table/chairs are way to blocky(and you forgot to add the seat, -5 ebic gamererer points) Everything seems a bit too perfect-nothing is really “perfect” in the real world(except me, obviously(not))

The grass/bushes seem way to wrong. also if it’s raining why are the tiles not wet? Also, there is only one room.
Just kind of strange considering how there are only tables

:flushed: it’s so good.
How did you do it E🅱️ic gamer?
Minecraft shader moment

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Not bad! However, I did spot quite a few errors in your build. :grimacing: For example, you might have a hard time sitting on these chairs. :wink:

Also, I’m not sure if it’s just angle of the picture, but the plant in the corner appears to be floating… :man_shrugging:

Other than that, keep up the great work my friend! :smiley:


It looks really great sort out the chairs and the floating bush and it would look great.

Yeah… I think that I forgot to finish the chairs lol.


Hey, that’s my type!

I really liked your work

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Because that is extreamly hard to do.

Haven’t had much experience with pbr/surfaceappearance, too big brain for me(any tuts would be helpful, along with texturing :eyes:)
my bad

Ok, I optomized the game so you all can play it now.