How do you add CFrame angles?

I learned from scripting tutorials that if you want to add CFrame values you have to do this?

local CF_0 =,0,0)
local CF_1 =,2,2)

print(CF_0 * CF_1)

the output should be 2,2,2 for the first 3 values

but when I try doing this when I use angles something different happens

local CF_0 =,0,0)
local CF_1 = CFrame.Angles(2,2,2)

print(CF_0 * CF_1)

I get random decimal numbers for the orientation value and not 2,2,2

can someone please explain this to me?

CFrame.Angles() only accepts radians. So it should be…


CFrame.Angles just contains rotation information and not position information. Why should, 2, 2) == CFrame.Angles(2, 2, 2) when the former only contains position information and when the latter only contains rotation information?

there are 12 values in cframe. the first 3 are position and the rest are rotation, shouldnt it change the x y and z rotation values in the cframe to 2,2,2 when i add cframe angles to it?