How do you add models when you play animation?

Basically, I’m trying to make something like what Robloxian Waterpark did.

So when you play an animation it will basically insert models where you sit in and stuff


I tried to do the same thing only I don’t know how you can do that.

I tried putting the chair inside the rig but it still didn’t work, I also tried YT I couldn’t find any solutions for it.

I believe it’s manually spawned in as soon as the animation starts. Attaching the seat to the character could be done with a WeldConstraint and upon the animation ending, the WeldConstraint should be destroyed along with the added seat. I’ve shortly summarized it below.

animation begins>spawn in seat>position seat correctly under player>weld seat to player
animation ends>destroy weld and seat

Of course, this would need a cooldown just so players would not be able to disturb others by spawning and despawning seats, aswell as checks to see if the area you’re trying to spawn the seat in is even suitable for it.

Or you can add a motor6D inside the one of the character’s body parts and set the Part0 as that body part and Part1 being the model that you want to add in

Also possible, but I’ve personally always preferred using WeldConstraints, even when they aren’t usable as joints.

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