How do you animate with weapons?

I was trying to animate a custom character I made with a custom mesh model i made. The character was holding the sword and whenever I try to animate it the sword gets left behind. I have tried attaching it to the hand with a motor6d plugin. Is there a specific plugin I should use or a simple fix to this?

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For Motor6D’s and rigs use the RigEditor+ Plugin.

Does that work with weapons? I know how to get it working on the body but I don’t know how to do it with a weapon.

For animating make a copy of the sword and weld it to the guys hand

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You can make it not a tool and make it a part and use the mesh.

Try the Moon Animator plugin. It has some useful stuff for rigging models and making them animatable

I’m only an animator, so I only handle just the animation part and whoever the client is takes care of what else is needed. When I animate with objects, I weld it to the hand just for reference to base the animation off of, but nothing permanent that would be in the final cut of the game.

I have tried moon animator but it doesn’t work.

What have you tried??? You need to make sure all the parts you want to animate are Motor6D.

i did try making it connected to the rest of the body, which would create a motor 6d

Solved in the article above. Such a life saver!

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