How do you apply custom animations to your custom character?

How do you make custom animations work with your custom character? I’m new to scripting and all that, but this is something that has me really stuck…I mean for weeks…lol . Any videos I’ve followed doesn’t quite work right in the end. I really need a step by step on how to apply custom animations and apply more then just one animation like swimming, walking, running, idle, idle swim…etc. I really want to know how to apply all new custom animations for my character basically from scratch. I at one point was able to make one animation of my animations work by following a video but it would only play that one and the other one wouldn’t play at all. Any help is very appreciated!


Have you welded your character properly or at all? I was trying to this for weeks too but in the ended I had not welded my character correct. Just realized there is a video showing how to weld, make and animate a custom character. He animates at the end here is the link CUSTOM CHARACTERS - How to create, rig and animate - YouTube

That’s actually the exact video I used when I first created my character and I followed what he did so I think the welding should be ok

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I’m re watching that video and he says in it that welds are for things you don’t want to animate(6:42 of the video)

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Add a local script into StarterPlayer > StarterCharacterScripts
Add an Animation into the local script and re-name it “Walk”
paste this into the local script

-- Very basic walking animation script by GnomeCode
local character = script.Parent
local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

-- Remeber to select the animtion object and set the id to your own!
local walkAnim = script:WaitForChild("Walk")
local walkAnimTrack = humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(walkAnim)

	if speed > 0 then
		if not walkAnimTrack.IsPlaying then
		if walkAnimTrack.IsPlaying then

How would I go about adding other animations to this? Like swimming or idle for example? Can I keep adding on to it until I have all the animations I want? If so how? Thanks

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There is an event for everything a player can do so you can do the exact same thing for everything except instead of humanoid.Running it would be humanoid.Swimming or humanoid.Climbing or humanoid.Walking or humanoid.Jumping ect.

Ohhh so you would just copy and paste that script and change anywhere is says a action to the action you want instead? Is that right? Dumb question but would you place that script as a new script and add a new animation to it every time you want a new animation or would you just keep adding on to the current one?

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There are no dumb questions and you can actually do either

If you want to just duplicate the script just change the event (Running > Swimming) and also change the animation ID to the swimming ID instead of the Running ID This way would be simplest and you would have to change less things

If you want to add onto the script you would have to copy and paste the text but change the event, add a new animation to the script and change the animation variable to the new one which would take more time but arguably be more efficient

Either way it would do the same thing :slight_smile:

Okay thanks so much! Would I do this all on the same script?

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You’re welcome! For you I’d just recommend duplicating the script (ctrl+D) or (cmd+D) and changing Running to the right movement while changing the animation in the script to the correct one for the new movement.

Thanks for all this and taking your time to respond but…I give up because I cannot get it working and I’ve been at this for weeks I’m at my wits end and its just to much so I think I might go on fiverr or something and ask someone on there to do it and then record the whole process on their screen so I can see how its suppose to be done and learn it visually. Usually I can figure things out but this is for some reason so hard for me lol I’m just trying to animate my mermaid starter character and then my game will be so close to finished…

I am having the exact same issue. May I ask how you got it working at one point by an video?

Not sure if im too late to respond. I also had the same problem and still niggling with it a bit but what i did was paste the Animate script from my roblox avatar into my custom character and i loaded the animation IDs from roblox into the animation editor to see how they made each animation - IE how long, what prioroty etc. Then i used these parameters on my animations and added the ID’s to the scripts.
The problem i have faced is getting my custom character to hold a gun and animate it shooting etc…

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