How do you check if a part is on screen?

So it’s been a while since I started trying to figure out how to do this, but it hasn’t really gone well. Because all topics are just given these answers where it just checks a certain point on the map.
But I’m trying to check if any piece of a part is on screen, even if it’s just one pixel then it returns true.

I’ve looked at sites like scriptinghelpers and only thing I remember that I found there was something about Region3, don’t remember how it behaved but didn’t work I think, and then on this devforum I found an answer which used Raycasting. Which only checked a certain point on the map.

Does anyone know what I’m supposed to use to accomplish this? Or is it even possible?
If it is please let me know what it is I should use, and I’ll look into it.

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hope this helps

Pretty sure this just checks a specific point.

Make a bounding box for the monster, then check the middle point and it’s corner points. That should work pretty well.


Gonna take me time to improve it, but it works. Thanks!

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Sorry for the bump, I’m really interested in an answer to this.

And so, how would I do it if I was using a part which is flat (just like a floor) and I went in first person then looked down. By the solution you gave, I can’t seem to get a result when looking down anywhere other than the corners, or the part’s origin. Or even the side (not middle side) of the part.

Do you have any idea what I could try? Perhaps create points on the part?

Although I wish to keep it low costy and have a smooth gameplay if possible (since I’m iterating through around 5k items per frame).

You can check if the camera/character is within a specific area like maybe a rectangle that way the floor beneath you wouldn’t disappear when you look up etc. and you wouldn’t fall not sure what else you could do that wouldn’t be laggy

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and you dont need to check if the player is within the zone you have the floor every frame checking every .1 seconds should be more than fast enough