How do you connect something to a Blender IK rig?

Hello, I’m actually pretty new to animating on blender. In the screenshot below, I have a weapon and I have an IK rig. I want to connect the weapon to the rig so I can animate the weapon along with the rig. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this at all and a lot of videos I’ve looked at has left me confused.

Any response on how I can approach and solve this would be appreciated. Thank you, and if you need any additional information about my problem I would be more than happy to share!

Try parenting the sword to the bone or to the arm by selecting the sword and then the parent and pressing Ctrl + P

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Thank you for the response, but after trying it out, I still can’t seem to get it to animate. I have tried parenting the sword to the object itself and the bone per your suggestion, but unfortunately it had no effect.

Sorry try this instead:
Put a bone inside of your weapon and orient your weapon where you want it
Inside of the weapon bone go into the constraint tab (2 under the object tab) and add a “child of” constraint
Select the character armature for target
Select the bone you want to connect the weapon to
Press Set Inverse

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Thank you so much, this absolutely worked!