How do you convert integer to string in lua?

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    I essentially want to put a % symbol before a numbervalue.
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    I don’t know how to because I have 1 month of experience and somehow havent found an answer.
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    Yes, I’ve tried
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-- This is an example Lua code block

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If you want to convert a interger to a string, you could use tostring()


Can you give me an example on this?

You can combine a % symbol with the NumberValue number like so:

Percent = "%" .. tostring(NumberValue.Value) --use the .. operator to combine the two values

Here’s an example:

local number = 9
local string = tostring(number)


Ahhh ok I got it and also same for Eduardo’s example


What the function looks like

// LuaGlobal
string tostring(Variant e);
Receives an argument of any type and converts it to a string in a reasonable format. 
For complete control of how numbers are converted, use string.format. 
If the metatable of e has a __tostring metamethod, then it will be called with e as the only argument and will return the result.

An example

local x = 1
print(typeof(x)) -- int
x = tostring(x)
print(typeof(x)) -- string

Ok thanks (30 Characters needed)