How do you correctly create, Verticies, Triangles, and Establish proper UV mapping?

1.) I want to achieve proper mesh creation DIRECTLY inside of studio, without the need of a 3rd party application like blender

2.) The main issue is trying to create and form proper triangles and map uv’s accordingly

--> Per_Axes is "5"

--> Create Verticies
for VX = 1, Per_Axis, 1 do
	Verticies[VX] = {}
	for VZ = 1, Per_Axis, 1 do
		local Vertex_Position =, 0, VZ-1)
		local Vertex_ID = Editable_Mesh:AddVertex(Vertex_Position)

		Verticies[VX][VZ] = 
				ID = Vertex_ID,
				Position = Vertex_Position
			}:: Vertex


--> Create Triangles
for VX = 1, Per_Axis, 1 do
	for VZ = 1, Per_Axis, 1 do
		if VX == Per_Axis or VZ == Per_Axis then continue end

		local V1 = Verticies[VX][VZ].ID
		local V2 = Verticies[VX+1][VZ].ID
		local V3 = Verticies[VX][VZ+1].ID
		local V4 = Verticies[VX+1][VZ+1].ID

		local Triangle_ID_1 = Editable_Mesh:AddTriangle(V3, V2, V1)
		local Triangle_ID_2 = Editable_Mesh:AddTriangle(V3, V4, V2)

This code here SHOULD properly map uv’s however this is the result

ANOTHER issue that comes with this, is that I am completely unable to set ANY texture at all to the meshes, Surface appearences do not work, normal textures don’t work, texture id’s dont work, and even the texture instance doesn’t work. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if roblox is simply not working correctly.

3.) As of a couple hours of searching on the forum, I have yet to come across anyone experiencing my exact issue, if ANYONE has an advanced knowledge of Mesh rendering please message me I’m so lost.