How do you create a content page; when you click a word it brings you to more detail?

I apologise if this an absolute dumb question, but is there anyway to link sections of text?

For example, I say > look
‘look’ should be underlined and is a link

And the link would bring it to some text:
Hello, how are you?

I would appreciate any help, thanks. I also can’t seem to find the discourse topic about all the different text stuff :confused:


Highlight the word or text you want to embed a link in. Once highlighted, click the link button at the top and insert the URL.

Yeh, I understand that. But I see many posts, that for example have links that correspond to parts of the post and that bring you to that part when clicked?

Like a contents page? Or an image/ button taking you somewhere?

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It’s called a quote. Highlight someone’s text and press the quote button.

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@UnknownZeal @MissMae15.

Yes a whatchamacalit content page. I’m extremely confused.

I tried selecting all the text and linking it, but that didn’t even work. I can’t quote my own text in a topic.

That’s strange… Try quoting text that isn’t yours?

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I can quote a whole topic, but I cant quote a word or sentence, that is mine. Obviously I can quote others. Knowing me I probably am messing up somewhere.

I am able to quote myself? Could you perhaps send a video or a screenshot of you doing it?

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OH you want to quote yourself while you make the post.

This will be an excellent way to quote yourself


Some people do it after they initially post to get the post ID

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You have to zoom btw. So, I’m kinda lost.

Do you know of any posts in particular that did this? You can use on Discourse to get the raw text of a post.

For instance


You can do this for replies too, so the raw text of this reply is


Hmm, I can’t recall of them at the top of my head.

All I remember was this is common for the content page of tutorials.
It’ll have all the topics listed in a word or so, and when you click on them it bring you into more detail. But I shall experiment and see.

Like what @MissMae15 mentioned.

Like a contents page?

I’m am once again sorry for creating a hassle.

AmusingDev has made a formatting guide, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for:


You mean like a table of contents? You will need to use HTML tags for that. For headings use the hn tag where n represents the header level (1-6 or higher; higher number means bigger heading) and use the a href tag to link to a heading. Your elements should have ids.

For headings: <h1 id="heading--foobar">
For jumping to headings: <a href="#heading--foobar">

I have a header (and reply test for the Bulletin Board category) here:

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Thank you so much, I think that’s what I needed!
And I also found about AnchorPoints so thankyou @DMCPEPlays for linking me that guide.
I think AnchorPoints and Table of contents is what I needed. I apologise for the misleading title( I wasn’t sure what it’s called) and bother.