How do you create a movement delay

Hello, I need to know how to create a delay when you jump or walk. This script/debuff will be used in my latest game.

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i think this post is what you’re looking for
you can delete the part where it does the animation and change these variables to what you want

local jumppower = 50
local animationid = "rbxassetid://6646057742" -- you won't need this if you don't use an animation
local jumpdelay = 0
local preperationtime = .2

its better to disable and enable the state of the movement you want for the delay

connect an input began function to the key that causes your movement then disable that state on the humanoid and begin a task.delay function

humanoid:SetStateEnabled(state, false)
task.delay(time, function()
    humanoid:SetStateEnabled(state, true)

The simplest solution might work for you:

--server script in StarterCharacterScripts
while script.Parent do local part = script.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart") if not part then break end part:SetNetworkOwner() task.wait(1) end

This script will increase “lag”, thus delaying user inputs.