How do you create embedded messages?

Hello I have a new game in development. To log all purchases I would like to send them to a webhook in discord. I created a concept of how it should roughly look but I have no idea how to create it. Please could somebody help. The user used is some random user I found on roblox.


I highly discourage you to use Discord as a logging system, especially if your game will send lots of information over, because Discord isn’t a logging system. Not to mention, you can also get your Discord account or endpoints banned if you’re found abusing their APIs.

Anyway, you can check out this post.


I use this tool to make embeds:

Along with this you can use a JSON decode function to get a table usable for HttpService.

However what @slothfulGuy said is correct, you shouldn’t be using something like discord for this, you’re better off using google sheets.

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How would I make it log to a google sheet?