How do you cut up a mesh in Blender into equal parts?

So, I have a problem.

I’m currently creating the terrain for my flight simulator’s prototype, and the amount of triangles in my mesh is way over the limit for importing.

I need to cut it up into smaller parts, however with the size of the mesh, it would be extremely time consuming. I am trying to find a way of easily cutting up the mesh into objects of equal sizes (or at the least, a less time consuming way) that would result in multiple objects under 10,000 tris so that I can import it.

Does anybody know how I can do this? Thanks!


Try going into edit mode of your mesh and doing Ctrl + R. This will loop cut the mesh in half. Depending on how much parts you want to be cut in equal parts, you can press a number on your keyboard (any number) and it will multiply the loop cut by that number.

You could always lower the triangles on your mesh but it’s hard to explain… try searching up how to reduce triangles in your blender mesh

Edit: you can also use the modifier decimate to reduce triangles.

Edit 2: after loop cut you basically can select the area since the loop cut (if done on both sides) you can press P and separate the selected area of the mesh with the rest of the mesh

I usually just limit the amount of vertices, triangles with a decimate modifier. It works for me.

@CheesesPuffss, I use loop cuts regularly when I (unsuccessfully) model aircraft. This is useful for meshes with large faces, however for meshes with thousands of them, it’s an even worse idea than cutting it up manually.

@MaxisMatch, the purpose of my mesh is to provide a large area for testing my game’s systems. Reducing the triangle count would:

a) Really spoil the current quality that I am trying to achieve (I used a subsurface modifier because I wasn’t happy with my original mesh quality).

b) If I were to make the map smaller to keep the quality I am trying to achieve, then there would be only a very small area of land for me to test my game with.

In meshes with large triangle counts, it would’ve been best for you to have divided the model into separate parts that make it easy to export into studio.

The right wing and left wing could be separate objects, the fuselage can be divided into nose, center, and tail, and so on.

Exporting this isn’t actually a hassle, there’s a plugin out there (not sure where I found it by you can probably find it by searching it up) that mass exports each individual object.

Is there a reason as to why you need to specifically have it into “equal parts”?

Well, although it depends on the size of the map your best bet would be selecting your terrain object, going into edit mode, and then repeat the following steps until you have split your object into multiple smaller objects which you can then individually import into studio

  1. In edit mode, select all of the faces you want to be in one piece/chunk that would be exported as an individual object
  2. Hit P on your keyboard
  3. In the new menu that pops up hit separate by selection.
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Is there a reason as to why you need to specifically have it into “equal parts”?

This just makes the whole map simpler to work with when I import it into Studio.

@LoadingL0n3ly, this is what I was doing already, but at the minute this seems like the best option. I think I’ll do this method for now, thanks!

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