How do you debug the "Player appears to be spamming remote events" warning

In my hockey game, the player has access to 2 remotes, one that is for unimportant functions like updating their position and handling menus/settings, however there’s another unreliable remote that is used for important controls like updating their animations, shooting the puck, etc. I’ve tried printing every call to the function and there’s no issue, however after like 5-10 minutes of being in a server, players start getting throttled to 5k+ ping and even if you don’t fire the remote for like 5 minutes it’ll still flood the console that they’re spamming remotes and they have to rejoin.

Whats also weird about this is it only occurs in servers if you’re by yourself, as soon as another player joins it doesn’t deem you as a remote spammer and it stops throttling you allowing for you to play at normal ping.

Dunno if that info points to an answer someone’s dealt with before.

Can you please show us the script?

It sounds like you’re firing it every frame which is most likely why it’ll cause that message. Not only is that in efficient, but it’s also a security hole as you’re blindly trusting the client to tell the server where the player is.

Well yes, I have a function locked to 60 fps to update the player’s position, and in a sports game you kind of have to trust the client if you want it to be highly competitive, roblox latency would make any input or action extremely hard to do because of latency. My problem is that, in a server with more than one player, this issue DOESN’T occur, however as soon as you’re by yourself it’ll occur after like 6-10 minutes of being in the server.

My question is, why is this happening? The amount of remote usage is exactly the same, so why does it only happen after like 6 minutes of being in the server, and why does it only happen when theres only one player in the server? It just seems odd to me.

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