How Do You Disable The Default VR Pointer?

Hi! I’m working on a VR game and I cannot find any tutorials or feedback on how to remove the default VR laser pointer. The laser pointer that points in the direction of where your VR controller is facing.

The issue is that it gets in the way, I want to know if there is any way to disable it or make it invisible to the player.

I’ve tried searching the Developer Hub but failed to find an answer to my situation.

If anyone has any idea how to disable the laser pointer, please let me know!


Are you talking about this?:

Yes! The person had the same question as me but their issue could not be resolved as well. I’ve seen other VR games being able to disable it, I’m just not sure how.

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@GregTame might have the answer you are looking for.



The laser and controller models are part of core gui, so you’re gonna want to run these anytime you’re writing custom VR stuff.

game.StarterGui:SetCore("VRLaserPointerMode", 0)
game.StarterGui:SetCore("VREnableControllerModels", false)

Also, when WMR users boot up, the VR center point is placed at the headset center, rather than the floor center.
so after you’ve got all your functions and whatnot set up, or just 0.1 seconds after their character spawns you’ll want to run this


I generally make my VR core scripts in PlayerGui, so it refreshes when your character spawns.