How do you fill in blender 2.8?

Hey Developers, I’m trying too make a butterfly knife. I have the outer shape complete but I can’t fill the complete mesh I have tried too extrude all faces but that just ruins the mesh do you guys have any ideas on how I can fix this? Or at least show me what key binds can fix this?


Let me know if this is fixable :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading!


There are several ways to do it.
First method is to simply press F, that will fill the whole gap. But it might be not so accurate.

Second method is to bridge the edges. Quite useful, but you need two loops to select, so filling with this has some issues as well.

Third method is a mix of the previous ones. You fill the gaps between a few edges manually. Most accurate and time consuming, sometimes not worth it.

These are the methods I’m using, but I might be missing some other ones. Anyways, I hope this information will help you with your problem.


Yes, Thank you. Obviously its a easy fix on that hand. Just have too mess with the vertices a little bit.

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