How do you find inspiration for building? [Cafes, Hotels, and much more]

I’ve been trying hard to create awesome builds, builds that customers will enjoy coming! So, how would I be able to learn, any tips & tricks are much appreciated.


  • I do not detail well.
  • I try a different layout but it comes out bland.
  • I barely know how to use terrain.
  • I do not have a creative mind.

If you know how to help, please all of it is needed.



Typically, when it comes to me working on my hyper realistic showcases, i tend to make them off other peoples work, not exactly i look at what people have made & i set a goal to push the limits higher than that.

I can agree with you I don’t have a creative mind either, so i mostly rely on my studio lead administrator to give me ideas.

in terms of details, i tend to make posts of my work asking for suggestions ect


The Terrain tools given to you are pretty easy actually, & There’s plugins to help with fast terrain placing such as Part To Terrain.

You won’t always see progress on most of the things you make, although slowly you learn from those mistakes… every day you learn something new!

For inspiration, personally as i stated already, i look at other people’s work of things i do. Such As Environmental Design, so i take heavy inspiration from @CorrivalRhyme

  • Hope This Helped!

Thank you so much for the tips, I will be trying to take your advice.

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I suggest using a google maps location and go into the 3D view, I sometimes use it so that it is easier to see it 3D.

Do I search up Cafe names? Or-

For example lets say your building a cafe. Maybe search up a local restaurant and use the architecture from it.

If you’re looking for insiprations for buildings maybe look at images and maybe try playing games like boba cafe to get a reference of a cafe. They’ve an amazing cafe design. If you’re looking for builds for a roleplay game, maybe try looking at how adopt me buildings look like to give a sort of a cartoony looking city vibe. Low-poly builds are a trend for many developers, maybe creating low-poly buildings and get some references from images.

When I’m looking for inspiration I normally look at other peoples work and try to recreate something similar to there’s or when I’m losing ideas I also look up reference images or YouTube occasionally, but for the most part I just look at an image and try to build something similar.

What you can do is go outside and walk in your neighborhood or town and takes pictures of the things you want to create you can either write it down in your notebook or take a few pics of cafes, different building restaurants ect. And take it then go from there. For example, I normally look up VFX effects on Twitter or YouTube and look how they do it so if they have an aura effect I’ll get a bubble image and have it look almost like the effect they added I’m normally going off to give the effect a better design to it.

You can also take inspiration from existing buildings, different games tend to hold a lot of heavy detail, so certain buildings will have a nicer, better structure normally, using mostly materials/or textures, or mesh pieces. I go with what feels right for the build.



For topics like this, I would suggest finding pre-existing topics that have related content. e.g.

I’m very similar to you in the aspect I don’t have a very creative mind so I struggle with creating buildings from my imagination.

To combat this I find that going for a walk or using google earth/maps helps. Even video games can help you out as that can showcase the difference types of architecture.

If you’re looking for references, I’d recommend googling keywords and taking some inspirations from the results.

The way I find inspiration for my builds is actualy, by going into other cafe games. Once I’m in said cafe game, for example lets say Koala Cafe, I look around at the architecture and ask myself, "How can I make this, but make it different " and “Why do customers enjoy this cafe over others?”

Then, one I do that, I just quickly map out areas by drawing a quick sketch or just placing random blocks. And then, I start building from there!

I wish you good luck for creating your cafe/hotel game!

G’day, I had the same issue a while ago. I was trying to create a cafe, and I did not know what it should look like, and I had no inspiration images. All I suggest doing, is searching up the type of cafe you are creating on the search engine you use (google etc), and finding the image you will base your build off.

Hope this helped!

Happy Developing!


I’m a pretty creative person and can create a lot of concepts myself, but even I get stuck sometimes!

How to detail and add layout variation

Of course it depends entirely on the scene you’re trying to make, and what style it is. I generally build in a detailed medieval style, but a lot of this can be applicable for other styles, too. For example,

In this nature scene, I used slate parts with a stone wall texture to divide it into two sections, added a small amount of growth in the bottom layer to add some dirt, and then grass terrain, stone terrain with some mesh rocks I made. I find that even if you just have a simple textured part between layers it can add a lot more detail. For the layout, don’t underestimate colour! Just changing the colours of the flowers and rotating it at different angles made it look more aesthetically pleasing.

One method I use for detail a lot is changing the colour or rotation/position of one part. For example,

These are all the same spike, but they’re at different angles, sizes and positions to create a more detailed appearance and interesting layout.

The rocks are the same part, too, but I stacked two at different angles and had the other one much smaller and rotated to create a detailed display of nature.

In terms of buildings, I love to use a mixture of textures on normal parts and blender for more specific shapes. For example, for this house, I used textures on the roof tiles and walls to give it more detail, and mesh parts to make the edges of the stone base and stone supports.


Terrain can seem tricky at first but it’s really easy when you’re used to it.

I’d really recommend generating some terrain and then messing around with the terrain edit tools to get more used to it. I mainly use “add”, “grow”, “erode” and “paint” to edit terrain.


Let’s say you generate some terrain and want to create some flat land or cover up some water, gaps, etc. Use the “add” tool and make sure that “snap to grid” is turned on and “ignore water” is turned off if you’re doing it over water. Make sure you have a bird’s eye view above and paint, like this. Adjust the scale if you need it to be higher.

Let’s say you want to make a rock formation, like I showed earlier. You’ll need the “grow tool”, and make sure the scale and strength are low. Press down in an area and move around only slightly.


Then you can just rest some plants against it to create a nature scene.


If you want to adjust the terrain to make it slope more, gently use the erode tool with size and strength very low, and gently just run along the area, creating this kind of effect.


Concept Creation

This part is pretty easy. If I ever get stuck with trying to find a concept, I just go to deviant art or google images and google certain things that I’m trying to make. I spam a folder I have for reference photos of the certain thing I’m trying to make and pick out the particular parts I really like, and note which parts I don’t like. For example,


I’ll also look for similar concepts with the things I like, or try and “replace” the stuff I don’t like, like the ugly roof tiles, with ones I much prefer. I do this until I have a list in my head of things I want to make i.e, detailed wood door, the wood pannelling detailing, windows in the roof, specific roof tiles, etc etc. Then I experiment with different concepts until I find “the one”, so to speak.


And then I made a lot of similar houses in that style.

This may seem a little weird, but sometimes I also use sandbox games like sims or minecraft to make a concept that I’m struggling with before I build it.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


For inspiration I normally find existing buildings from the real world and implement these features into my build.

You can finds these by going on to google images and searching for keywords for what you are trying to build. You can also go to places like google earth and find buildings.

When you are finding a build, try not to copy it all. Try to pick features you like and use them within your build.

I suggest going into another good one and just taking it in for a while. Get inspiration and try your best.

Watch youtube tutorials. It will help you to improve your skills & install the plugins they use. Try to be creative don’t copy others just make it by yourself with your own idea.

A lot of the time I will find myself looking for inspiration from natural landscapes, like scenes from Planet Earth, nature documentaries, or just something outside my house. That being said, I am mainly a landscape builder, so you can ignore this if you do buildings and such.

After getting inspiration, what I’ll do is just come up with a central idea (usually on the spot, molded over time as I continue to come up with more ideas) and build upon that, as more things spring from that central idea. This helps me come up with more creative builds. Like all the methods I have for various things this will not work for everyone, but hopefully this helps out a few people.