Give me the hardest building to build (Challenge)

I’ll make this quick. I have over 6 years of Roblox building and 3d modeling. Since we’re stuck at home and all of my commissions are completed, I thought I’d call for a challenge, something truly challenging. To add to the challenging factor, I will not be allowed any help from blender 3d modeling, everything will be made in studios. That being said, post down below the hardest building you can think of and the most liked reply will be the one I make. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Something like Notre Dame, has a lot of detail.

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A not laggy Mandalore from Star Wars The Clone Wars era.

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Pretty sure thats been done previously :wink:



Terms such as difficulty and complexity is, of course, relative. All opinions currently provided is based on, and limited to, what they currently know, not to say that they’re wrong, however, there will be a certain bias present with all these replies. As a result of this, instead of providing my biased view on what I believe is the “hardest” thing to build, I will provide a variety of architectural styles (with examples) and provide context regarding my explanation.

I have pin-pointed several architectural styles that, I believe with the knowledge I currently possess, is by-far the most complex and most “difficult” to apply in a software such as Roblox Studio.

Early 11th Century Gothic Architecture

Pointed arches, flying buttresses, and large windows makes Gothic Architecture more skeletal and ornate. That emphasised its open, luminous interior rather than the sturdy walls and columns of Classical buildings. These characteristics by itself should make it a worthy thing to attempt.


Atomic Structures

Many people are capable of creating amazing builds in Roblox. However, I believe if someone was to create something original that has not been attempted thoroughly before may be more interesting than the many showcases of historical buildings. Not to say that they’re not interesting, just what I personally believe that replicating complex structures present all around us but that we ignore everyday would be very interesting.


Dystopian Sci-Fi

One of the most complex and modern designs are present in Dystopian Sci-Fi. Compact, semi-symmetrical designs make it very difficult to replicate in large quantities due to the amount of detail present in every tiny area. Something tedious enough to be considered challenging. Though I am sure you have plenty of time on your hands right now.

Reference 1.

Reference 2.

I wish you well in your endevours, @WSSI.


Effiel Tower but big and detailed.


That could be very interesting!

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Thats been done before too haha!

The london undergound would be a hard one since its massive. :thinking:

damn the whole thing? (30chars

I know Westminster Abbey is the most complex building on planet earth when it comes to something that can be done on Roblox. So if you choose that one best of luck, John.



The Hungarian Parliament Building should be quite a challenge.

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Yeah I was talking about building style like this when I said Notre Dame

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That sounds like a challenge, I like it :slight_smile:

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Hopefully should be the Simpsons have even gone as so far as to make it into a whole episode because of how complex it is. I notice that most of these suggestions are larger and more semicircle but I Westminster is more in depth with smaller details and not so easy to be able to copy and paste and have the same result. If you choose me best of luck!

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It sure is up there, Id rather do something smaller but with an extensive amount of detail rather than something larger with less detail, makes it more challenging!

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And don’t get me wrong, its not small either ;p

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Maybe make The Mandalorian’s ship with as much detail as possible with working thrusters and doors? I feel like that would be sick.

Would anyone happen to know what the most complex, purely studios, build is as of now?

Thats for sure, wow. (30chars)