How do you find road textures?

Hey, the title says it all. I’m trying to find a good and detailed pack of road textures for over a year but so far I’ve found nothing. They’re all different.
A few people have advised me to create my own but it’s quite complicated and I have no idea how to make my own textures. I’ve looked at and, at this point even Google which isn’t helpful at all. I’ve found once some packs but they cost a lot, which I find unbelievable that there’s no where an open source pack.

Any ideas are appreciated. (Or if you have found matching textures with different lane colors etc.)

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You can easily find an asphalt texture on google and upload it as a decal.

Take this for example:


You can adjust the colour of the texture, and if you want some stripes aswell, find a brush texture and adjust the colour to yellow or white.


I’m looking for a multi-pack of road textures with cracks, lanes, just the asphalt, different lane colors etc. Also happy birthday.

I’m in fact gonna try actually brushing it over the asphalt with a texture and add cracks. Thanks.


What I would do, is search on Toolbox ‘Road Textures’ and click on the model with the road textures (each texture should be on a part) on it. After you find your desired texture, go to Explorer, click the Texture, and copy and paste it on your road part.

Hoped this helped.

Hey there!

There is an awesome website here filled wiht road textures, it also includes wet road textures if you also want to make the game more realistic


Seems like I’m late to this well actually half a year late, But you can check out

They have lots of textures you could use, As well as textures for PBR Materials (surface appearance beta feature)

If you want a simple normal texture that isn’t PBR just download the diffuse map of the texture you choose.

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Uhm, well I’m half a year late but if this helps I’m glad I helped! So there is this plugin called Road Editor (Beta)
and essentially is an auto-road maker hope this helped :slight_smile:

The Plugin:

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