How do you find the exact skybox in a specific game?

Is this possible? I need a specific skybox for my game.


is not possible accept you take correct position of the picture to fit the sky box

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Aw man. I actually know what the skybox looks like but I can’t seem to find it in the toolbox. I actually spent 1 hour trying to find the skybox in alexutzu200’s inventory lol.

He may not have made it free to take.

If you link the game, and a way to contact you, i will try and find the skybox for you. :slight_smile:

yeah maybe he didn’t free the model :c

Thank you so much dude! I joined your game let’s talk about it there!

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here is a skybox selecter plugin;
You can find many skybox images in this with configurable settigns

Also if you want skybox of someone else’s game, you should first ask for their permission. Only if its not a free model

alright dude. Thanks for the help!