How do you find X/Y offset Size of a part

Right, I was trying to find the coordinates of a part and I needed the Size X offset. Well, this didn’t work at all. For a GUI, you’re quite lucky since you get the offset values in the X value but for this, I couldn’t get anything. I tried searching all around but they were either unsolved or totally unrelated. How do you find the offset X of a part?

I don’t think parts have offset/scale, are you looking for part.Size.X?

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Yes, I’m looking for part.Size.X but the negative X values(instead of right, it’s left)

Basically, X is right and I want the offset so it’ll now be -X is left since it’s the inverse. It’s hard to explain.

How about you explain what you’re doing and why you need it instead then?

Basically, I just want the negative X values(so I want the left values).

The negative X size is -part.Size.X
Surely that’s not what you want though, right? That line of code is useless in just about every scenario that you might be hung up on. What do you need this for?

I’m making a mathmodule and I need the coordinates.

The coordinates of the part are simply part.Position

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I’m trying to find the coordinates of a part on a part

then it’s just the coordinates in it’s relative space. have you heard of the term “free vector”? Literally just do local v = p + -part.Size*1 → local v = p +, part.Size.Y)

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The coordinates of the corners of the part? Here are the locations of all six sides and eight corners.

local origin = part.CFrame
local sideXp, sideXn = origin*,0,0), origin*,0,0)
local sideYp, sideYn = origin*,part.Size.Y/2,0), origin*,part.Size.Y/-2,0)
local sideZp, sideZn = origin*,0,part.Size.Z/2), origin*,0,part.Size.Z/-2)
local cornerXpYpZp = orign*, part.Size.Y/2, part.Size.Z/2)
local cornerXpYpZn = orign*, part.Size.Y/2, part.Size.Z/-2)
local cornerXpYnZp = orign*, part.Size.Y/-2, part.Size.Z/2)
local cornerXpYnZn = orign*, part.Size.Y/-2, part.Size.Z/-2)
local cornerXnYpZp = orign*, part.Size.Y/2, part.Size.Z/2)
local cornerXnYpZn = orign*, part.Size.Y/2, part.Size.Z/-2)
local cornerXnYnZp = orign*, part.Size.Y/-2, part.Size.Z/2)
local cornerXnYnZn = orign*, part.Size.Y/-2, part.Size.Z/-2)

I think @exp_lol123 is asking about how to get the 2D size of a part on screen?

You can do that like this: How do I detect a clients camera seeing an object? - #2 by nicemike40


  1. Find the corners of a part
  2. Project them onto the screen with WorldToScreenPoint
  3. Find the bounding box from those
local function BoundingBox2d(camera, part)
	-- 1. get all eight points in 3D space for the part

	local pos, front, right, up = part.Position, part.CFrame.LookVector, part.CFrame.RightVector, part.CFrame.UpVector
	local hx, hy, hz = part.Size.X / 2, part.Size.Y / 2, part.Size.Z / 2

	local points = {
		pos - front * hz - right * hx - up * hy,
		pos - front * hz - right * hx + up * hy,
		pos - front * hz + right * hx - up * hy,
		pos - front * hz + right * hx + up * hy,
		pos + front * hz - right * hx - up * hy,
		pos + front * hz - right * hx + up * hy,
		pos + front * hz + right * hx - up * hy,
		pos + front * hz + right * hx + up * hy,

	-- 2. compute AABB of the part's bounds on screen

	local minX, maxX, minY, maxY = math.huge, -math.huge, math.huge, -math.huge

	for i = 1, 8 do
		local screenPoint = camera:WorldToScreenPoint(points[i])
		local x, y = screenPoint.X, screenPoint.Y

		if screenPoint.Z > 0 then
			if x < minX then minX = x end
			if x > maxX then maxX = x end
			if y < minY then minY = y end
			if y > maxY then maxY = y end

	-- create rect
	return, minY, maxX, maxY)

Usage example:


local frame = script.Parent

local part = workspace.Part
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

game:GetService("RunService"):BindToRenderStep("Adjust", Enum.RenderPriority.Last.Value, function()

	local rect = BoundingBox2d(camera, part)

	-- see

	frame.Position = UDim2.fromOffset(rect.Min.X, rect.Min.Y)
	frame.Size = UDim2.fromOffset(rect.Width, rect.Height)



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