How do you get a BillboardGui to be visible from a certain side only?

Title says it all pretty much, I should also address that I literally don’t know anything about scripting so didn’t try anything because I’m too dumb for that and all I tried was using glass parts, it worked, but I need something better than that.

I may be reading this incorrectly, but BillboardGui objects will always face the camera. there is no situation where the player will be able to see the back side of a BillboardGui (i believe it is rendered as a ui object instead of in 3d space)

What I mean is, I want a BillboardGui to become invisible once the player is on one side and visible again when the player’s on the other side sry I’m bad at explaining things

this is in relation to the part the billboard is parented to right?

What I want is the billboardgui to be visible when a player looking at it from one side, but when the player looking at it from the opposite side it should be completely invisible

you can make a part and set it to anchored and 1 transparency, and make a surface gui on the part, there, it only faces one way. This will make it so that the gui will only face 1 way, because it’s only visible on one surface.

If the part your billboard is parented to is at a perfect 90/180 degree angle, you could simply test the player’s x/z value, otherwise it would be a little difficult (im not great with sin, cos and tan)

However, if your intention was to simply have some text in world space and you didnt need to rotate it, you could also use a surface gui (it would be applied to the side of a part, similar to decals)

What exactly do you mean by “If the part is at a perfect 90/180 degree angle?”

–Perfect 90/180 degree angle

–not perfect 90/180 degree angle

ok that was a dumb question to ask tbh, but how do i test the players x/z value?

hold on, i managed to reassemble another script and got what i wanted

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local char – the character’s model
local part – the part with the Billboard gui

if (char.PrimaryPart.Position.X > part.Position.X)
part.BillboardGui.Enabled = false
part.BillboardGui.Enabled = true

thanks anyway i probably wouldnt have figured it out if i wasnt told what i have to change

glad i could help. good luck with whatever it is you’re working on

thanks i was looking for how to do that for weeks

you could use a surface gui and put it on a transparent part. it will only be seen from one side