How do you get a player's limited inventory?

This is for a trading hangout just like the aptly named Trade Hangout.
(Screenshot from trade hangout)
I haven’t seen an API that gets only limiteds, can someone help me? I need to display this on my game. (Don’t worry about getting the blue number [aka Rolimon’s values]).


You could use an API to get all items and then display only limiteds and limitedu items.

you would have to use these links to grab item data (in the form of a JSON string array) simply parse through the string and identify whatever you need.

this service below should help you convert the JSON string array into a lua table, so you can use them in your scripts.

This api gathers just limiteds:!/Inventory/get_v1_users_userId_assets_collectibles

Using it looks like this:

You can also filter through this, which will return non-collectible items as well:!/Inventory/get_v2_users_userId_inventory_assetTypeId

It’s worth mentioning that the first two are part of the v1 api and may not be maintained in the future. A few other endpoints on that page have been deprecated.