How do you get images for guis?

Hello, I’m currently working on a gui, but I’m not sure how to find images like an inventory gui. Where would I find that? I could search up on google, but the results aren’t that good and most good ones are copy righted. I also could draw it myself, but I’m unsure if I can draw that. So is there like a pack that has images for GUIs?

Thank you.

Hello, there!
I always find images on google and change it my way so it will not look like first image found on google haha.

What would you search up? And thank you for your response!

Every images i want, then I change them my way.

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Like real life? What I mean is do you search up “backpack” and see an actual backpack or “backpack gui?”

I always look up for cartoony images because people like this style, you can find the cartoony images in any game, most of them are simulators.

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This’s should be your choice. if you need cartoony - you should search for cartoony backpack, if real-life - real-life one.

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For serious games you should draw or order them. Otherwise, search cartoonish cliparts

Thank you for all your responses! But, quick question if I change the image up a little bit I won’t be copy righted right? For example, I have an image, but I turn it to all black. I wouldn’t get copy righted, right?

I don’t think so because the image is changed and it’s not the same one


Actually google is risky because most images have some copyright to them. I would recommend gimp or when drawing your own.

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I always find an image on google and change it in gimp.