How do you get your game featured on the "Tycoon" or "Simulator" page?

I’m wondering how I could get my game featured on the “Tycoon” section of the games page.

Is it based on player count or something else?

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As you said it is based on a number of people, but I also conclude that it is due to the type of tycoon you make, the amount of people who like your content and maybe the time they stay in your game

How do I improve my game’s player count? I’ve been thinking of doing a large dump of robux on the game to bump up the numbers, but many people here have told me to go no where near 100k R$ for ads at a time (not even near 10k in a single day!), even though I know of plenty games that drop 1M R$ on ads in a month, but still make a 4M R$ profit.

No offense to the game creators, but I see a lot of games on the tycoon category that use this style of GFX to attract players

and a lot of those games use the same map and base structure, while having game passes and developer products that never work and are overpriced, and not much else going on in the game in terms of game play. How do I compete with these games to try and nab their spot??

Also, @matthew2835, thanks for the compliment!

I had around 1-5k players in my tycoon, I asked an admin about it recently they said there’s no specific way to get into the sort. Player count is irrelevant and I think they try to keep down the number of games in it.

It also seems like your game is pretty new too, so maybe it could be that? I don’t know. It just seems to be that quite a few games on the Tycoon section are far too similar to each other and don’t give better games a chance to compete.

Besides that, how did you get so many people to play your tycoon? Did you spend a lot on ads, and if so, how much? And did you make all the UI yourself? It’s really nice.

Yeah, I made all the UI myself. As for ads I spent 10k-20k for a few days then stopped and I think starting from 0 players and having a community from a previous game and updating like 3 times in one week boosted me in the popular section.

Did you spend 10-20k every day or over a few days?

Staff put games there themselves either manually or automatically. There’s no criteria nor method of getting in: and if the selection is automated or semi-automated, I don’t know what factors are taken into account before a game is placed there. They seem to pluck high grossing games at random.