How do you get yourself to sit down and make a build?

Hello people of the DevForum! I want to ask you all because I am struggling with this:

How do you get yourself to sit down and develop or preferably to be more precise, build.

I struggle with this and I don’t know how I can just get myself to develop without stopping after 5 seconds of trying to go to studio.

All answers appreciated!

We want to build something, so we build something.
And you don’t seem to like building anything, so maybe you’re not the person who wants to build something, but has other hobbies.

You might enjoy building a UI more and you might become a professional UI builder. Or you like programming.

If you simply have no motivation to build something then don’t build it. I only build when I have a boost of inspiration and motivation or when I am building for a paycheck. You can’t simply make yourself build something if every other option tells you not to.


if you want to make something or have an idea in mind, then start Spotify or whatever music app you use or have, put on a playlist of your favorite music, find a reference image for whatever it is you’re making, and get to building. That’s what I do, it works for me.

Payment is also an incentive, if you are working for someone it will be much easier to get going and keep going.

Good luck.

@pandap153 In my opinion. If you are simply unable to sit down and develop. It’s obviously not the correct hobby. My suggestion is keep looking for hobbies or take a break.


I play a game untill I bored, and then I build for hours untill I’m bored.

And again, and again, and again…


I understand what you guys are saying, but, the reason I can’t sit down and develop is because I have a tiny attention span, so by the time I say " I wanna develop something right now" my focus is already on some other game or youtube video. But, I guess Crazed in this post actually kinda has a point.

So yeah, I’ll try that.

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I learned the hard way that pushing through a lack of motivation only perpetuates the problem.
Much like writers block, that mental struggle exists in all arts. It’s a mix of being overworked and being void of ideas you enjoy.

Although you may not view it as productive, I seriously recommend holding off for a few days until you stumble into an idea you enjoy. I shelved a recent project for nearly a week simply because I didn’t know where to take it until I woke up this morning with a brand new idea I was excited to implement.

I’d define the solution in two parts. Time and Ideas. Give yourself time to do other things, even if that’s just playing a game for a day or two. In this time, allow ideas to come to you naturally by thinking about what to do. Repeat process until you feel that genuine motivation to work again, sometimes even the break of the cycle can leave you motivated to start even if you have no new ideas.

Sorry my response is wordy, but I’m very passionate about burnout.

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For me there are two types of builds, personal builds and commissions. For commissions motivating can be difficult but at the end of the day I don’t want to get a bad reputation so it’s like doing homework you just do it so you can be done with it. With personal builds I just wait until motivation hits for that project then get a bunch done.


This :arrow_double_up:

Also, personal builds for your own projects can be quite challenging as you have no criteria. You need to avoid overthinking every aspect of your build, especially if it’s a big project, because you will end up wasting your time planning and thinking of ideas that you change later and not building anything.