How do you guys deal with exploiters? (After you catch them)

What would you do with exploiters? For example, if you caught some in your game, would you just permanently ban them? What’s to stop them from coming back on alts and exploiting again?

Another question: Can exploiting result in a roblox ban?
It would be really helpful if any game developers with popular games could explain how they deal with exploiters.

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I didn’t find it. :confused:

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Your best bet is offering to pay for a copy / explanation of the exploit they are using so you can then patch it in the future.

One could try and threaten to ban them if they did not supply a copy of the exploit, however this may be an infraction of roblox TOS.

I would also point out that most exploiters wouldn’t take the second option since they could just make a new account.

You have to remember that exploiters are human too, if they are being rude then id just give it my best shot of banning them, data wiping them, report to roblox etc. However if they are fairly pleasant, its always worth a reasonable negotiation of paying for a copy of the exploit so you can patch it.


What if they have alts, or different exploits? Would you just have to do the same thing?

Would roblox ban them for exploiting?

Im honestly not too familiar with exploit bans, most likely, yes if roblox had solid proof that they were exploiting and it was malicious in intent, however knowing roblox moderation the tickets would never reach a human and nothing would happen.

At the same time lots of young kids get pulled in from youtubers promoting existing exploits in their channels, and in this scenario Id imagine roblox would be more lenient and maybe deliver a few day banned.

I really don’t have much experience with roblox moderation in any area other then assets being declined so don’t quote me on this.

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The best way is to find the remote or other vulnerability is to buy the exploit script of the exploiter, you then can you use this script to patch the exploit.