How Do You Import Models From Unity?


So I was wondering how to import models from Unity in to Roblox.
Is there anyway to do that? If so how can you do it?
I have searched all over the Developer Forum and haven’t found anything that can help me.

Any kind of help is appreciated,
Thank you.


I’ve never used Unity before so I’m going to assume that they are .fbx or .obj files.

  1. In Studio insert a new mesh part
  2. Click on the MeshID folder
  3. Find where you saved the asset to and then double click the unity file.

Unity’s asset handling is just done within the file system, so you can simply grab the mesh from the project folder and follow the steps @Cinema_Sin listed.

However, Unity also supports simply using project files from specific 3D applications. For instance, Blender uses *.blend for their project files, and Unity supports these. Roblox does not currently support importing 3D project files. So if it’s a project file, you will have to open it up with that particular 3D application and then export it as an FBX or OBJ.

Texturing also gets a bit weird. You will have to upload the texture to Roblox as a Decal/Image first, and then apply it to the MeshPart.

Also, please don’t import models into Roblox that you don’t own or aren’t part of the public domain!