How do you interpret Client VS Studio Features/Bugs?

Edit: Since this thread’s creation, Client Features/Bugs have been renamed to Engine Features/Bugs.

As a community, there’s always been some amount of confusion between Client and Studio Features/Bugs. To reduce this confusion, we need to understand what developers believe these two categories are. Once we understand why there is confusion, we can work to address it. First, what are these categories intended to be?

Studio Features/Bugs are intended for topics specific to Studio that aren’t present in-game. The RibbonBar, plugins, and the toolbox are great examples – they exist in Studio but not in-game. Client Features/Bugs are for every other engine feature. Even if you encounter the issue in Studio (e.g. character rendering black), if it happens in-game as well, it’s a Client Bug/Feature. If the character only rendered black in Studio, it would be a Studio Bug. Studio only? Studio Feature/Bug. Client only or Client and Studio? Client Feature/Bug.

Prior to reading this thread, what did you think the Client/Studio categories meant? After reading this, do you have any suggestions for category name improvements?

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Just recently I figured out on my own what ‘Client Features’ meant. I originally thought it was bugs/clients on the client side of the Roblox engine.

Even though it is correct and consistent already, I feel that it should be changed to ‘Roblox Client’ to make that distinction between what the game is running on and the engine itself.

I always understood it the way you specified it on the thread, but in my honest opinion there should be a better distinction between what is the “Client” and what is not: I’ve seen engineers refer to the player as the client sometimes and it does feel unclear.

Rule of thumb I’ve always used:
If it can only happen in Studio, file in Studio bugs
If it could happen in a regular game, file in Client bugs


There are two things going on I think:

  • “Client” is being used here to mean “downloadable app”, as opposed to the website (much like “Steam client”), which both Studio and the Player are, but people might be thinking of “Client” as “the thing that connects to the game servers”, which, Team Create notwithstanding, Studio isn’t. So it could appear that issues that occur in Studio shouldn’t go in the Client forums.
  • People have an issue while in Studio, they see a category called “Studio”, a conclusion is understandably reached. The name suggests anything to do with Studio belongs there.

My suggested names:

  • Engine Features/Bugs (clarifies that this is for issues common to player and studio)
  • Studio-Specific Features/Bugs (helps make posters ask themselves “Is this studio specific?”)
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