How do you learn more advanced programming topics?

So, I am a moderately good developer I would say. I know all of the basics and most of the advanced concepts that are essential for making games, but there are things out there that can not be found on YouTube and are just too hard to learn. If I were to learn more advanced topics for roblox, where would I go and what would I do? Please comment below to give me some tips on learning more advanced topics.

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Which advanced topics in which field?

Lets say for example custom pathfinding methods like OOP and A*. How would I go about learning those?

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A* isn’t really exclusive to roblox, that’s why there aren’t many tutorials on it, same with OOP. Just learn what OOP is first and then look at some tutorials which cover OOP spefically in roblox.

For A* that doesn;t relate to roblox, it’s a search algoritham which is useful for pathfinding, learn how to use it and apply it to roblox.

For example multiplcation is so generic that’s why roblox tutorials don’t cover it even if math is used in roblox. If someone would want to learn it they would search a multiplication tutorial.

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Noted. I will use this tutorial in the future, but @CoolShank8 how did you learn these advanced concepts? Just through this? Youtube? Or other things?

Do not make custom pathfinding methods unless you have an extremely niche use case. ROBLOX Pathfinding is completely acceptable for almost all cases as long as you handle for errors correctly.

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For OOP I learn OOP through c++ it’s more applicable there, and from tutorials spefically on OOP. Then to apply it on roblox I used starmaq’s tutorial.

First I learn what OOP was then applied it on c++, and then apply it to lua.

But you could probably just use it in lua no need to learn c++

Okay so you learned concepts like these through other coding languages! That is pretty cool!

Yah, but you don’t really need to the reason I wanted to learn c++ was for using opengl lol.

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