How do you load minigame stages?

Hello, everyone.

How do you load stages? Like, say I had Obby one and Obby two. How would I load Obby one or remove it to switch to Obby two?
And how do you load the terrain for each stage?


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For loading, just set the parent of the obby to the workspace, and set the parent of the one you want to unload to wherever you store the obbys.

And for the terrain, see if you could use

Terrain Save and Load - Roblox

ty for the response! So can we have multiple workspaces? Each workspace for one Obby? And I can just load it from something like server storage?

And for terrain, is that the only way?

You can’t have multiple workspaces but you can store the obbys in the ServerStorage and load them when needed.

I would suggest using folders as a container for maps so your models can be organized and still editable. When you set their parent they should bring all their contained items properly but if someone finds this method to not work properly please let me know.

Oh okay! Thanks for the response.

That was what I was thinking: To put the Obby in a folder.

And we’d have to put the non-used obbys in server storage?

Correct, when you are unloading a map you can tuck it back into server storage.

omg lmao I’m learning fast xD
Thanks for your response! :smiley:

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Hi! So I decided to see the plugin, and it looks good!
But how would I utilize the plugin to load/unload terrain via scripts?

This is all I could find, hope I could help.

kk. Ty for your help! I appreciate it :smiley: